UI/UX Design

Goal:A messenger app for students
Scope:Mobile App
Tools: Adobe XD, Origami Studios

︎Animation/Vidoe einfügen

project overview

PinChat is an app for students to connect and organize during their studies.
The goal of this app is to help students to chat with other students, write and answer mails,
check their courses and tasks and take notes all in one app.

This project was done in my UI/UX course done in the 2nd semester.

my role

My roles where that of a product designer and developer.

My responsibilities included: User research, Visual design, Prototyping,
Usability testing and developing high fidelity mock ups.

the problem

Students need to use so many different applications/ programs to stay in touch with their peers,
lecturers and studies.
For students communication and feedback from their peers or lecturers is very important, to write fellow 
students WhatsApp or iMessage is what the most choose and for communicating with
lecturers and professors most of a Mail app is what the most choose. While collaboration is an integral part
of studying oragnization is also very important for that student a variety of diffent apps and some even
2-3 for different situations.

To sum it all up:
   - Different apps to communicate with peers/lecturers could result in confusion 
   - Several apps for organization

approach and strategy

To help the Students I first wanted look what apps they use for studies and how many so
interviewed some students.

First I asked how they communicate with their peers and lecturers and which apps or programs do they use.

︎Grafik/Tabelle einfügen

Based on the interviews I found out that students kind of stick to their group espiacially if they are
going to a big university/college because there is almost no way to get in touch with somebody without
having their phone number or maybe knowing their social media accounts. So the student to student 
communication is mostly via WhatsApp or iMessage and very rarely other social media platforms like
Facebook and Instagram.

Most of the students use Emails to connect with their lecturers and professors or specific apps that changes
from uni/college and lecturer/professor.
goulden, Essen, Germany.